Tuesday, February 8, 2022



Well, sorta freedom. We just finished two back to back 10 day isolation periods so we could get to see the new Grand and yesterday morning The Mister made his return back to the new normal. That's means masking up and dashing in and out of the grocery store. I really didn't need anything but he came back with two cakes, some heirloom tomatoes, avocados and whisky. Interesting. 

Daughter never reads my blog (she says) but yesterday morning I got a text taking offence to this photo I posted. It seems I didn't mention that the very last pair, that you can hardly see, are from Hermes. For shoe aficionados that's important to note. So consider it noted...lol.

She also sent me a photo of the poor bebe being comforted under the quilt I just gifted him. He had a miserable day yesterday. Daughter and SIL had some serious issues with their HVAC system over the weekend and the workmen were making a racket all day. To make matters worse he had a late afternoon check up and received the first of his immunizations of which I was surprised to learn there are now 16, many of which I have never even heard of. I don't understand half of what these new mothers talk about. It's amazing that any of my kids made it out alive.


  1. Oliver looks so sweet under that quilt! I still can't get over all the hair he has. 16 immunizations? WOW!!!

  2. He looks so sweet with the quilt you made!

  3. Poor little guy was a pincushion. I hope he feels better today.

  4. 16 immunizations!?! For what? How did any of us survive?
    That quilt is so sweet and Oliver looks perfectly comfortable cuddled up under it.
    I would love a piece of that cake. I seriously begain watching my sugar intake before I have more bloodwork in a month or two. It's only been two days and I REALLY want chocolate.

  5. Holy cow! SIXTEEN vaccines?? Poor Oliver. He looks very comfortable under your beautiful quilt though.

  6. Cake, tomatoes and whiskey - my kind of man! LOL
    Oliver is adorable! So glad you were able to visit.
    That's a LOT of vaccines!

  7. I laughed about the 'shoe' correction! He looks so comforted under his quilt from Grandma!