Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


It's been a while since I've done any stitching but I did get the big goose finished this week. Her little flock of babies are next in line. 

I did another row of alphabet on the bookmark and brought the border down the sides. This is pretty close to being done. 

I even almost finished another row on the hexie runner. I only need three more on this row and then I have to decide where to go from here. I must have spring fever because it's been a real struggle to get interested in anything other than naps and binge watching lately. I sure hope this is not the new me resigning to the new normal because I'm really boring and really bored. 


  1. All I've done for several days is stitch on the baby announcement. It's solid, so as you know, that takes a loonng time. :-) I'm still working on the first animal!
    Yours is looking great and I like the bookmark too. Do you remember where you got the bookmark? I would like to order some in bulk of 24 or so for Christmas gifts but haven't found any place yet. Even Amazon has failed me. I like the one you have because it could be used for men or women as it has no lace on it.
    And boring? Not you. Never. Now I AM boring.

  2. Your stitching is so pretty and I love that hexi quilt!

  3. Look at all that stitching! I think it is just the end of winter malaise and it will pass soon--

  4. Boredom is setting in here too. Seems to happen about this time every year.

    You would think I would get a lot done. But, noooooooooo. Can't settle on anything.

    Your projects looks great. The bookmark is absolutely adorable and yes ... you are very near to done. YAY!

  5. Such a pretty little goose!
    Im going to have to get some of those book mark aidas!

  6. Slow progress is still progress. My mojo took off for a warmer climate because it’s nowhere to be found.

  7. Beautiful stitching!
    Maybe it is pre-spring fever or something. I've been having a lot of trouble staying focused on my projects. I keep starting new ones and I'll be excited about them for 20 minutes, then they bore me to tears. I'm trying very hard to stay focused and finish at least one of the WIPs. (or should it be WsIP??)