Monday, February 21, 2022

Chain Reaction


I got up really early to watch the live stream of the Closing Ceremonies yesterday so I had a lot of time to kill for the rest of the day. What I did was chain piece. A lot. 

I'm a real slow poke when it comes to piecing but yesterday I decided to finish up the last two blocks all at one time. I'm not sure why I didn't do this before because it didn't seem to take any longer to piece two at a time than it did to just do one. 

Ta da....the last of the blocks are done. Now I have what looks like about a million white strips to cut and sew on to put them all together. That looks like no fun at all. 

And.....I found this on Twitter last night and thought of Val and all her pots. Can you imagine walking into someone's porch and seeing this? Yikes.


  1. That planter is just flat out disturbing. Oh my word!

  2. Love those blocks!

    Dave would have a cow if I did something like that with my plants

  3. Great job on the blocks - one giant step closer to a finish!

  4. The blocks are great, but that planter is scary!

  5. The blocks are so pretty--those blocks will go together quickly! the planter is really creepy! lol

  6. Awesome blocks! That is one crazy plant.

  7. LOL, OMG! That planter! I can't decide if I love it or am horrified by it.
    Have fun with the white strips. The blocks are great and the quilt will be lovely when you're done.