Monday, October 14, 2019


 It's been pleasant during the day but it's been getting down into the 40's at night so it was time to set up the winter huts for the outdoor kitties

 In the summer we have all kinds of sleeping places in the yard. Their favorite is just a plain old box. Chewy boxes are the best and last the longest.

 Inside each hut we put a heating platform. On top of that we put a light blanket.

On top of all that we put a tent made of two pillows I pin together. Walmart has cheap pillows that make great kitty sleeping bags. They love to tuck themselves into them at night.

It's too bad that Miss Gracie's mother and two sisters are too silly to come in at night and sleep in a nice warm bed in the house like she does.

Pup was the straw boss. I'm afraid she's getting too comfortable being carted around. She actually begs to get into her stroller now. She's still limping so it's best to keep her off her leg as much as possible but I'm afraid we are creating a monster.

Then there were the plants. I've got two that need to come in now and I have to find a place where the cats can't get to them. They will eat them down to nothing if I let them. Silly cats. Nothing is simple anymore since they showed up. Nothing.


  1. I love that you take such good care of outside and inside kitties. I always had to keep plants out of kitty range too. Unfortunately that's not a problem now. I miss the kitties.
    I hope Pup is better very soon or you'll be pushing that stroller everywhere...forever. :-)

  2. Those are the luckiest kitties in the world!

  3. Of all the things in the photos, I zeroed in on the "knitted" stroller mat. LOL It's fantastic! It's great that you take such good care of your outside kitties. As for the plants, I won't have to worry about mine. We haven't had rain in almost 2 months and I sort of forgot to water them.... Oops! I'm a horrible plant mama!

  4. I love the idea of the pillows for them! You are so sweet and good to those kitties.

  5. I admire you (and your husband) for the care you give to the outdoor cats. I'm guessing they are feral cats or cats that someone abandoned. That is so cute about Pup loving her stroller. It certainly makes life more enjoyable until she recovers completely.

  6. Dedicated kitty care on your part! Kitties snacking on our indoor plants can be a real problem! I'm glad I get to keep most of mine inside! Pup looks so cute!

  7. My cat Fiona was always eating plants or flowers. She was white chinned so the pollen would give her away~!

  8. Having cats is like child-proofing. I never thought I would have to HIDE my earplugs (even when they are IN my ear).

    Your kitty huts look quite cozy.

  9. Good thing Pup likes being carted around! Hope the healing continues! What cozy spots for kitty cats:)

  10. So nice that you care for the outdoor cats! Ginger leaves most of our indoor plants alone except for the ones that look kind of like grass.