Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tiny Needle Progress

 I know it doesn't look like it but there is progress on the Button Eyed Kitty. I've got more border and a couple more rows of black fur.

 I have the top border done on the Halloween Sampler and I just finished the moon and the star. I've got to fill it in but I'm saving all that background for next year.

 I'm still working my way around my first Rose Star. It's slow going.

 No new Jane block. Here's the next one in the row. It's a another doozey.

 Can you believe all those pieces add up to this simple block? It does. At least I hope it does. I'm not going to start it until I finish the Rose Star. My fingers can only handle one itty bitty needle at a time.

 I'm working my way down another crewel leaf. My chain stitch is getting better- at least on the outlines. Filling in spaces is still wonky.

I have just one more of the center blocks to quilt and then I can work on the little oblongs that go around the rings. This is still my favorite tiny needle project. There is something that just feels right about hand quilting.


  1. All your projects are lovely! Happy yo see your progress. Liana

  2. Lots of fun projects today Debra. I like them all but I love that quilt.

  3. Your crewel work is not wonky--it looks so lovely!
    I was just telling a friend about your wedding ring quilt--beautiful work!

  4. I like the stencil you are using on the quilt. I recently did some stencil quilting on the long arm. It was definitely more tedious than my usual loops, but it was worth it!

  5. Loving that button-eyed kitty.

  6. You have such beautiful projects in progress! I would not be able to put Halloween Sampler or Button Eyed Kitty away because I would want them completed so I could enjoy them even more. The colors in your quilt look so cheerful on this overcast day.

  7. Great progress! I like your crewel leaves - they don't look wonky to me.

  8. Fun projects and you are making progress! :)

  9. Looking good! You’re so good at getting your hands on so many different projects regularly . I can’t seem to get to my other needle work.