Thursday, October 24, 2019

Inktober: Catching Up

 I got off schedule with the Inktober calendar but I'm finally almost back up to date.

 I sneak down in the morning and paint a few backgrounds and then come back down after dinner to do the inking part. It's not great art but it's fun trying to come up with something using the word of the day. Today's word is ghost in case you are wondering. That's the backgrounds for treasure and tread behind it.

Since I am not making Christmas cards or any other holiday cards in the near future the work table is also covered in random art journal projects. Cutting and pasting is my thing these days. I have discovered the joys of Mod Podge and there is no looking back.


  1. It looks interesting and pretty when you do it, but artwork was never a skill of mine. Even scrapbooking. I tried to get into it when it was really popular and I was an abject failure.

  2. I haven't used modpodge in years! It was always so fun!

  3. MODPODGE!!!! A thing from the 70s Hooray it is still around!

  4. I love how you balance all of your crafting pursuits!