Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday: Old Stuff, New Stuff

 The old stuff is coming along nicely thanks to the heat wave. I've had lots of indoor knitting time. The hats, including the new Icelandic hat project, are all at their crown decreases. Yippee. I'm not a hat knitting fan.

 The Bosc Pear shawl has enough yarn to maybe do one more pattern repeat. Maybe. It's starting to eat up a lot of yarn now.

My one lone sock is past the heel. The Mister was hemming and hawing about a new pair of socks so I'm thinking as soon as this one is done another pair of man socks is in the future. Sigh.

I've also got some new stuff cast on.

That's the start of the Where the Wind Blows vesty thing which is a Knit Picks kit.

All this new yarn showed up last week because.......

.....I saw these and had to have them. Even though it's been ages since Halloween has been cold enough for wool socks I want to make them. They are wild and crazy and I'm going to use lots of colors to make mine even wilder and crazier. The pattern is Kepposett by Heiniki Designs. 

It may be too warm to wear them but I can always hang them by the chimney for the Great Pumpkin to fill, right?


  1. Where the Wind Blows is gorgeous, and the Halloween socks are FUN!

  2. The socks are great! Liana

  3. Love, love love ALL of this, but the purple sock yarn made me catch my breath. I really like that colorway.
    As for the Halloween socks, it's definitely cold enough here for them. It was 21F last night on our deck. The news last night said unusually cold October for us here in the NW and unusually hot for the S and SE United States. Crazy! Those are some cool socks though.

  4. What wonderful new projects you have started! Those socks are going to be awesome! I can't wait to see your creation. All of your other projects are looking pretty wonderful also.

  5. "Where the Wind Blows" -- Wow! I think I'm inspired!! Love the hats - they really are lovely! And those Halloween socks are wild and crazee!! Can't wait to see your colors worked up!

  6. Too funny! You are going to love the new socks-the one sock finish is very pretty , too!

  7. Oh I have to look up Where the Wind BLOWS now!