Saturday, October 19, 2019

Low Tide

 This isn't another post about tea it's just that I have a mini rant to get off my chest before I move on to other things. Do you order tea out? I do and for the life of me I don't understand why it's so complicated. My local coffee shop serves tea but if you just go up to the counter and order a small they will stuff in TWO tea bags. While you're waiting to pay it then becomes such a toxic, acidic brew that I can't drink it. I have to order a cup of hot water and one tea bag and then go over to the counter and dunk my own where I get the strangest looks. Jeeesh.

 Anyway...we were down at the beach yesterday afternoon having tea and looking at the extreme low tide. Wow. You could walk out to the osprey's nest which is a long ways out.

Last week the place was flooded. You could still see the sandbags on the fancy houses that line the water. We got an alert that most of the roads were closed. We haven't had any rain. This was coastal flooding brought on by the storm in the Atlantic and the full moon.

 There were a bunch of tourists walking in the muck looking at all the dearly departed sea life that was uncovered. The Mister joined them but Pup and I watched from the pier. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach even in off season.

It was a chilly day but the sun felt wonderful so we peeled off our warm layers. Pup's getting a new sweater-maybe. I picked up this Red Heart at Walmart yesterday and found a pattern that might fit my chunky monkey. It's for a Pug. She's more Pug shaped than Yorkie shaped so I'm hoping it might work.

 Speaking of chunky monkeys, this guy had to go get his shots yesterday morning and the vet handed us this:

It's not the first time I've gotten one of those.

Last year I got one for this guy and then Pup too. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my critters enjoy their noms but maybe I've gone overboard. Time to cut back. I could stand to lose a few myself so I guess we're all in this together.


  1. The same thing happens when I order tea out. Dennis says I just pass the teabag over the water. :-) . I really don't like strong tea.
    It's so hard to say no to dog and kitty faces when they want treats. I hope you can figure something out for your babies.

  2. At coffee places, I've learned to ask for one tea bag in my large tea and take the other bag home. I'm paying for two bags so why shouldn't I enjoy another brew at home.

  3. Wow! That's a Very low tide! It's hard to believe how much that storm affected the the coast. Hope Pup likes her new sweater. Good luck with the diet. It's so hard to force a diet on a pet.

  4. What a wonderful afternoon at the beach. I know about the obesity recommendations as I was told that one of my cats needs to lose three pounds at her checkup last month. Good luck! If you are successful with getting one of your cats to lose weight, please share.

  5. That's a bummer! I think they are too used to hi-test coffees! The beach at low tide is so beautiful--doesn't it call you to come explore?
    Nestor is on its way to you with some heavy rain and strong pulling on the tides, too!

  6. Deb, The tide being out reminds me of the children book the Five Chinese Brothers YIKES
    Tank has lost 3 pounds in 6 months by taking away night dry food to munch on. The vet wants 1/2 lb a month and by george Tank is doing it! WHILE on steroids for his respiratory wheezing. He's still way fat. the rest of them manage their weight without any issues. sign. Tank and I must count our points!

  7. i don't know about dogs, but Ginger, our cat, carries on when she feels there's not enough food, and I usually fall for it. Boy, that was a very low tide! It's cold and rainy here, so being outside isn't too fun.