Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sew, Sew Sunday

 I usually sew on Sunday but I actually did all this sewing on Saturday thanks to college football.

 The binding is finally on the autumn table runner. I used up every smidgen of that jelly roll. I had just enough to do all four ends with about 4 inches left over.

 Now I get to do my favorite part of the whole quilting experience. Sew it all down while listening to a good audiobook. I just added several good mysteries to my Audible library so I'm all set.

I also added the rest of the white strips to the ends of the autumn batik quilt.

Now I just have to add one more border of the batik and it's a done deal. I can't wait to machine quilt this one. I think working in those squares is going to be fun.


  1. Both are wonderful for fall. I'm so glad that you had enough fabric. Have fun with the quilting.

  2. Both are gorgeous projects!
    I love sewing binding down too. It's so relaxing!

  3. Love that batik quilt. I used batiks for a turtle quilt for my son and they are awesome. Kind of the hand-dyed of the quilting world.

  4. What beautiful projects! I received my wonderful package of soap, lotion bar and card yesterday. The soaps look and smell wonderful. You are so creative with the cards and your packaging. Thank you for your generosity! It was just what I needed after a difficult week.

  5. Question...what do you do with all these projects you do?

    1. Lol....pile them up in a closet! Seriously. It's a sickness. I've got bins and bins....

  6. Love the white contrast with all those fall colors!

  7. Talk about something that's meant to be! Four inches left?!
    I love the white on the batik quilt - absolutely stunning!

  8. How lovely to work on sewing and having it all come together so beautifully! Enjoy the binding sewing--these projects are perfectly timed!

  9. Nice table runner! Your quilt is really pretty; can't wait to see how you quilt it.