Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Big Needle Wednesday

 I put most of my energy in Pup's new sweater but I made some decent progress on the man sock this week. My poor November sock is still waiting to be cast on. All balled up and nowhere to go. Sad.

 Speaking of socks, I've been gung ho on the Halloween Tricks sock but I don't love it. The worsted weight yarn is making something hot and heavy. I love the pattern but I may shelve it for this year and re-work it with some sock yarn next year so I will get something I could actually use. It's such a fun knit that it just flies off the needles.

 My Where the Wind Blows cardi is at the place where it has to be separated for the body. Thank goodness. The last few long rows of the lace pattern were a real slog.

 Soldotna was naughty. I had to rip it back because I mixed up the colors. The chart is not in the colors of my kit and I got the green on the chart mixed up with the wine color. I was not happy.

I was also not happy with the second Mosi hat this week. I did something stupid with the stranding that I can't even explain so I had to rip out a lot of work to fix it. It was the same day as the Soldotna mix up so I was really doubting my mental capacity. Those were stupid mistakes that I shouldn't be making.

All was well with the latest Almost Lost dishcloth. I really like how the colors worked out. I have quite a bit left in the Super Size Skein so I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to get two of them out of one ball? I usually just toss the leftover in the bin and move on but it would be nice to have two of them if it can be done.


  1. Ahhhh, nothing like colorwork! Dumb mistakes happen-slough it off!
    I usually get two from one skein-give a try!
    (I finally tried the sweater on my neighbor's dog--it fit well but I ended up ripping out the leg ribbing-it was too hard to stuff the paws through that way so you made the right choice!)

  2. Goodness! I was sure I commented before I went to bed last night, but somehow it's disappeared. And I'm sure it was very profound too! Ha!
    I almost always have enough to knit two of the round dishcloths from the one big ball of cotton. You should go for it!
    Such pretty, pretty hats. I'm sorry for the colorwork problems but my goodness, they are going to be gorgeous!
    I've just been doing mindless, back and forth shawl knitting for two days and I'm losing my mind. I'm going to make a pair of mittens today to mix things up. :-)

  3. The Halloween Tricks sock looks beautiful! I know would be a shame to continue if you don't like the feel of the yarn. Sounds like you have gotten over the hurdles on your other projects and smooth knitting ahead. The man sock looks great.

  4. I usually can knit two dishcloths from a skein. I like how the color changes turned out on your finished cloth.

  5. I have always thought the almost lost dishcloth would make a great baby blanket but I have no idea how to enlarge the pattern?

  6. Such wonderful designs...I consider one color a challenge!

  7. I my gosh look at all your fabulous knitting. You are inspiring me!