Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday Soap

The Weather Channel says it's finally cool enough to start mailing out soap.

I had 23 participants in the fall giveaway and all of the packages will be packed and mailed out over the next week.

I've also finally got 23 cards made and ready to go. It was a fun one.

I am so ready for all this soap to go to a new home. When I show off the soap I always get comments that say "Your house must smell great!" and it does for a while. One bar of soap by itself smells nice but when you mix all the scents together it can just get weird and at the moment I'm over it.

I've also got some new winter scents waiting to be made. I'm not making Christmas soap.  I'm aiming for a late January/winter giveaway. Last Christmas was such a heart breaker that I'm planning on trying to ignore the whole thing. Winter I can do-all that holly jolly stuff, not so much. Not this year anyway.


  1. Warm Vanilla Sugar sounds like a great winter fragrance. I am not real keen on the Holidays either.the losses that you have around the Christmas Holidays always seem to stick with you:(

  2. You are so generous to give the soap away to all of us. It is wonderful an much appreciated.
    I'm glad it's finally a bit cooler for you. As for us, I would happily take some warmth.

  3. I imagine your house smells a bit like a Bath & Body Works. :)
    I'm so sorry for your feelings about Christmas. I knew you had lost family, but I didn't realize it was just last year. All I can say is, it will eventually get easier. Never perfect, but easier. My mom passed on Christmas morning 12 years ago. We no longer cry while we retell stories about her over the Christmas dinner table but there's still a sadness there. And even though we didn't get along very well, my attitude towards decorating and all the celebrating has never fully recovered. My long winded point is, do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Friends understand and non-friends don't matter. Hugs!

  4. Mmm that warm vanilla sugar sounds divine!
    The recipients are going to love their fall soap! I'm still working through my little stockpile

  5. Your soaps are just wonderful and it is so generous of you to share. Warm Vanilla Sugar sounds like something I would want to eat.

  6. Oh, you are so generous with all of your soap projects--and already thinking about the next one when this one isn't out yet! Wow. So nice to get your soap pkg in the mail-a real boost to the day!

  7. I look forward to the winter giveaway! I sadly missed out on this last one as I was out of town and away from my laptop. The scents sound amazing!
    Wishing you peace in the season ahead.