Thursday, October 17, 2019

Inktober Interrupted

 Inktober took a detour this year. I didn't get much inking done this week.

I've been with the Grands since Sunday. Their Mom and Dad had big work plans and their usual sitter was away on a well deserved vacation. Little Grand loves to color and the AC Moore near their house had lots of Halloween art projects we could work on together.

Big Grand was down with an earache so after his morning doctor's visit we spent the Monday holiday curled up watching him play the Goose game. It's the cutest thing ever. That's a video game even I could play.

They were off to school for the rest of the week so I've had lots of quiet knitting time.

I brought the Soldotna to cast on and when I tell you I wasted an entire day knitting and re-knitting the same 68 stitches around the neck in order to figure out short rows I'm not kidding. I don't think I really figured it out right but I'm moving on. There's so much more to this pattern than just a few naughty rows at the neck.


  1. Beautiful yarn choices for the soldotna. I hope the rest of it is easier for you.
    What a lucky Grandma you are to be close enough to help with the boys, (and the grand-kitties at daughter's of course.) I would love to be able to have my grands close enough to stay with them. Have fun the rest of the week!

  2. What a nice interruption!!!!
    Have fun with the knitting--it will come together eventually...

  3. I'll be with one set of grandkids Saturday to relieve the other Grandma (who is called Gigi, whereas I am YaYa) who will be with them today and tomorrow. My son-in-law has been away on a business trip in Orlando since Sunday and my daughter is joining him today. I'm hoping the weather isn't as bad as it's predicted so they can enjoy time together - they truly deserve it!
    Short rows ... argh!

  4. Love the colors you chose for your Soldotna.

  5. What a wonderful week for you! Halloween projects with one grandchild and time with both of them, beautiful weather and pretty yarn for knitting.

  6. Fun week for you...except for the knitting short rows!