Friday, October 11, 2019

Sweater Weather

 It's chilly. We had to dig out Pup's sweater so we could take her for a stroll by the Bay. She's still limping badly so she wasn't happy about having to be in the stroller.

We sat on a bench shivering in the cold wind waiting for The Mister to come out of the coffee shop. He scored a blueberry scone and pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

 I didn't dig myself out a sweater but I wished I had. I did have the good sense to put on some socks with my Crocs. I almost didn't. I need to pack a bag of woolly stuff to keep in the car. It's always colder by the water and I always forget that.

We parked outside the local produce market and had to laugh at this sign. It sounds like somebody was pretty naughty. I hope they got the message.


  1. Love Pups sweater. Even though she doesn't like the stroller, I'll be she enjoys being with you both and being at the water.
    Love the socks. I've dug my knit socks out too and have begun wearing them. Under protest. I do not want to admit warm weather is over.
    That scone and muffin look delicious. Yum!

  2. Pup looks adorable in her sweater.

    Booooo on boys that smash pumpkins.

  3. It's certainly sweater weather! Couldn't believe it was 7°F when I woke up this morning.

  4. Oh, what a wonderful outing. And, for me, how wonderful to be cold and not sweating. Pup is just adorable in her sweater and stroller. Hope she will soon be able to enjoy outing without the stroller.

  5. Fall has definitely arrived! I love wool socks though so I'm not complaining! Sorry the pup is still limping and had to stay in the stroller but I'm sure she was happy to spend the day by the water with you.

  6. Love your socks and Pup does look so cute in the sweater. I believe Fall is finally here!! Happy weekend!

  7. We are still very warm here-I have my sweaters out and waiting but not yet....
    Good idea to put the 'emergency woolies' in the car! Pup looks stylish if a bit antsy!

  8. Oh you love your colder weather! I Had to bring my pretties in ...plants I intend to overwinter. 30s tonight. We had 60 this morning. I have Tank on my lap and Fezzik on the blanket next to us. Heats on

  9. It's been unusually chilly here, too, which makes me wonder that happened to fall. Did you knit that cute pup sweater? Enjoy your weekend!