Thursday, October 3, 2019

Too Hot to Handle

 Look what's on my door. It's supposed to be fall. Sweater weather.  It's not supposed to be this hot. When you open that door it's like an oven out there. It was in the mid 90's. Ugh.

There are little or no signs of fall. I'm pretty sure the trees are confused. I know I am. Yesterday was a miserable day. Hot. Humid. Horrible.

 Making it even worse, poor Pup fell down the stairs and re-injured her torn ACL leg.

She can't put any weight on it at all. We had just got the last injury healed. She was finally able to take walks again and now this. We are back to carrying her around and holding her up all day. Poor little thing.

There was only one cure for a day like that. According to the weather people today is supposed to be better. If it's not, I'm not getting out of bed.


  1. Oh poor sweet little Pup. I'm so sorry she's reinjured her leg. She's so lucky to have you and the Mister to care for her.
    This weather. Here we are with a historic snow in SEPTEMBER!!! And you have crazy heat. I just talked to a guy at the lake tonight who is 77. We had taken a drive out there after dinner to pick up the lawnmower and chair cushions to bring them home to the shed for winter. This guy was closing up his trailer and he has lived here his entire life. He said he has never seen weather like we've had the past few weeks. I sure hope it's not an indication of the winter ahead.
    The weatherman on the news tonight said the PNW will have unusually cold weather in the next month and the southeast will be unusually hot. Bleh!
    Stay cool!

  2. It was so strange here yesterday. Very hot (just like your area), but a strong wind. Leaves were blowing down like a blizzard.

    I'm afraid the trees are going to be bare before they actually turn color. Maybe not a so colorful fall this year.

    Hope Pup feels better soon. Poor girl.

  3. I wish I could send you some of our cool weather. I've got a heavy cardigan on and big fluffy slippers!
    Hope pup is doing ok.

  4. Poor Pup! Hope she will recover quickly. What timing for her to get injured when it will soon be nice to be outside. We have upper 90s again today, 90 tomorrow and on Saturday upper 70s. I cannot wait. Hope you enjoy your cooler weather and Pup feels better.

  5. Here, it's much cooler today. It's only 96 as opposed to yesterday's 98. Mother Nature is not on my favorite people list at the moment! The only way I can deal with the recent temps is to drink my weight in ice cold wine. I'm so sorry to hear about the pup's new accident. Hope she's going to be okay.

  6. Sorry that Pup has been hurt again; such a sweet face just shouldn't be in pain.
    I'm completely in accord with you about the weather on Wednesday - absolutely dreadful! Much cooler today!

  7. Add a twist of lime to that glass and I'll be right over! 😉😎

  8. Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! Poor poor pup and YOU!!! Im glad no surgery is needed .

  9. Now that is a very frustrating situation! So hard to have an 'under the weather' pet!

  10. poor Pup! Poor you and the darn heat is not helping much. It was 92 here today, gross.