Tuesday, October 8, 2019

TNT: A Case of the Ouchies

 Woo hoo! The October Sheep Virtues block is done. Now I can work on other things for the rest of the month.

 Button Eyed Kitty has ears. I cheated and still put in a few rows at the same time I was working on Sheep Virtues.

 When the sheepies were done I pulled out this old friend. I hope to get the top border done before it's packed away for the season. It's just a one color border so I might be able to manage it. I think I've been working on this one three Halloweens now. It's an oldie but a goodie.

 Dear Jane is where the ouchies come in. This block doesn't look like much but it was a lot of pieces. Jane never ceases to amaze me when she takes a simple looking block and turns it into something very complicated. I have one more row to go and it will be done. Thank goodness. It's been slow going because the tops of my fingers are sore from pulling on that tiny needle.

I guess I shouldn't have added another paper piecing project to the mix. Star Rose has bigger pieces but that means a lot more sewing. I've never been the thimble type but I just may have to give one a try. It's not like I don't already have a collection of them.


  1. So many great projects. Of course the sheep virtues are my favorite, but the others are great too.
    I've been doing some cross-stitching for the past several days. Not much knitting at all and I miss it.

  2. I keep seeing "When Witches go Riding"...I think I need to get that pattern!
    I only know one other person who ever tried Dear Jane. It's quite a feat!

  3. Your stitching projects are so cuite! I also started to use thimble, not all the time though, getting used to it. Liana

  4. The sheep are really sweet! I'm not a thimble user either but I can imagine how time spent with a tiny needle can become painful!

  5. Great progress on a lot of needle fronts! I like the new paper pieced block, too!

  6. One of my sewing boxes is cluttered with thimbles, but they feel funny on my finger/thumb, so I seldom use one. Love the completed sheep virtues.

  7. Jane sounds like she's an awful lot of trouble! The new paper piecing block looks great ...and simple for someone who sews. I love the cross stitches and it's killing me that you don't even pretend to plan to finish the Halloween one before this Halloween.

  8. All of these projects are beautiful! I had forgotten your When Witches Go Riding. I think it is my favorite. I would have been stitching on that during the miserable summer just to remind myself that fall would eventually push summer out the door. Your Dear Jane blocks are exquisite and I admire you tenacity with them. I have never been a thimble user but recently hand quilted some wall hangings and resorted to using a thimble to keep from destroying my fingers. Didn't really like using it but the more I used it, the better it felt.

  9. I love that Halloween rhyme!!! I love all things Halloween