Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy Rhinebeck Day!

 No. I didn't get to Rhinebeck this year. Like many of you I celebrated at home instead. I spent the day catching up on woolly things. First I needed to fix the top of the Mosi hat. It had a bump that I didn't like.

It was an easy repair job so I cast on another in brown while catching up with Fortiude on Amazon Prime. It's the worst show I've ever seen but it's good to knit to. It takes place on an island in the Arctic, brrrrrr.......

Then I made the pom pom for Daughter's Maine hat. I left the pom pom shaggy so she could cut it back if she wants to. I have no idea how big of a pom pom she wants. I used up every smidgen of that wonky handspun she brought me so I hope she's careful with the scissors.

 After that, I finished plying the last of the gradient green Targhee. I am so sad this vendor isn't in business anymore. I would have loved to have another of her gradient Targhee sets in other colors. She had some really pretty ones. I might have to try my hand at dyeing my own for next year's Tour.

Finally, just as it was getting too dark to do much of anything, I split the Falkland braid in the Autumn colorway that I brought back from the SVFF a few weeks ago. If I can find anything worth watching on TV tonight I'll start spinning it.

I also need to thank Lucy from KY for the surprise package. She sent me lots of practical little goodies, Thanks so much Lucy, it's all greatly appreciated!


  1. Such a sweet package you recieved. I love the Mosi hat. You knit so beautifully. I think your daughter is going to love her hat. That pom pom is so cute!
    Hubby will watch whatever I want but I didn't want him to have to watch ALL yarny things today so I've been binging on last years Rhinebeck videos all week while I've been knitting at night after he goes to bed. :-)

  2. The hats are fabulous!
    We're starting to feel the chill here. I'm trying to resist the urge to turn on the heat!

  3. Nice work on the hat knitting. The pom pom really sets off the hand spun yarn from Maine.
    Enjoy the spinning-the wool is beautiful!

  4. The Maine hat for your daughter is just beautiful and the pompom looks great without trimming. You have some beautiful colors to work with on your next project.

  5. I love the pom pom all rough. It really goes well with the handspun. I'm kind of hoping your daughter LEAVES it all rustic.....but, of course, it's HER hat. I'll never know. LOL

  6. Your hat is lovely...I like the textured look!