Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday Felines

 Since The Mister and I have been playing pass the Pup for the last few days I've nothing to post about. Poor Pup is still limping badly. I've been spending my time sitting on the floor keeping her calm and still. Thank goodness I bought that doogie stroller ages ago. She's a solid 15 pounds and no fun to cart around.

 I do have some cute Emi photos that Daughter sent. Here she is in her meerkat pose. She goes on high alert when there are things happening in the kitchen.

 She loves gluten free noodles......

 ....and a good scritchin'.

It looks to me like she's finally adjusted to her new surroundings. Daughter says she's become a holy terror which is always a good sign.


  1. Aww! Poor little pup. I'm sorry she's still having pain but I agree that it's great you have that stroller.
    I saw that first photo of Emi and hadn't read what you had written yet and thought she looked like a meerkat! She is a real cutie. She looks very happy and relaxed.

  2. Oh I hope that sweet pup will feel better soon!

    Love the kitty - our Garden Kitty used to do the meerkat thing and it cracked me up every single time.

  3. Sorry Pup is in rough shape--Emi sure looks like a meerkat-she would drive pup wild with her antics!

  4. Oh yes ..... I see (sweet) holy terror in those eyes. LOL

    I think your daughter picked a very GOOD cat.

  5. Emi looks right at home. Rupert is a meerkat-er too. He's the only one of our four that does it. It's usually when trying to spy something at the far end of the backyard.

    I hope pup (and you!) get some relief soon.

  6. Hope pup can at least go out in the stroller and enjoy the cooler weather. My tuxedo cat does that same meerkat pose. She is the first cat I have had (in over 40 years) to do that. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Emi looks very comfortable in her new home. Love the meerkat pose! LOL Hope the pup heals quickly. Having to carry them everywhere is no fun. For the last 3 days of our great pyrenees's life we had to carry him up and down the steps and out into the yard. I'm surprised we didn't all end up having back surgery. :)

  8. Oh your poor pup, hope healing happens fast!

  9. I just love Emi. She looks like my feral, TT. I love her meercat pose. So sorry about pup. Sending good vibes for healing quick.

  10. Emi and Pup are adorable. Hope he heals quickly.