Wednesday, July 18, 2018


 Trinidad's fleece is plied.

 I was surprised at how much I ended up with. It was just supposed to be a small sample but it was almost an ounce.

 I had to do the ball winder trick to get it all on the bobbin. One bobbin of singles was bigger than the other.

 Ta dah. The very last bit. I love when I can use up every bit of singles without a tangle.

 Here is the little skein. As I said before it's not quite an ounce. .8 to be exact.

 It's pretty in white but I needed to see what color would do to it. Different fleeces take color in different ways. I better find out now.

 Since I just did all the cool colors on a Shetland I did the warm colors on this California Red.

 Nice. It has a pretty halo. It reminds me of mohair. It feels like mohair which means it's not particularly soft.

It's definitely for outerwear. Now I need to spin enough for a pair of mitts. I wonder how hard it's going to be to match this dye job on another skein. I guess I should have thought of that earlier.


  1. Gorgeous yarn! I love the color too and hope you can match without too much trouble.

  2. So pretty! Your needles are elegant.

  3. You know I love your photo narratives of your crafting process! Those colors are beautiful and summery. They remind me of sherbert!

  4. Very good spin, I'd say! The colors you dyed it is superb, too! Enjoy the knit! (worry about the second skein later....)