Sunday, July 1, 2018

Made in the Shade

While The Mister and all the critters were still sleeping I hit the Metro early yesterday morning.

Today I'm having my family over for our annual crab feast for the Fourth but yesterday was all about other people's families.

I braved the heat along with thousands of others to show our solidarity behind those of us not lucky enough to have a safe haven in this big world.

No one wants to leave everything behind and start over somewhere else but we do. If you have ever traced your family on you know how that played out on your own family tree. I sure do. 

Speaking of trees, I am so happy they decided to do this thing in Lafayette Square. It is pretty much covered in beautiful shade.

In spite of the heat, I was quite comfortable stretched out on my foil blanket under a tall tree "listening" to the speakers. Truth be told in a crowd this big you can't hear a thing. 

Speaking of hearing, look at the lady on the left. She's trying to block out a battle of the bull horns behind her. Look at the lady on the right. In all that fracas she is calmly knitting TWO SOCKS AT A TIME ON CIRCULAR NEEDLES and they were NOT PLAIN VANILLA SOCKS. They were rather lacy. She had my utmost respect. 

Other than the bull horn battle it was a peaceful day. I met some lovely people. I participated in a survey by the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland. It was nice to see so many young people involved. 

By the time the march started I was beginning to melt. Fire trucks were hosing down the protesters so they didn't have multiple cases of heat stroke to deal with. I made a quick march down the road to the White House and then around the block to where I started-the Macpherson Square station. felt so good to be back in the air conditioned Metro headed home. I knit my way home listening to a woman sing "we can change the world" over and over and over. I'm not so sure she was all there in the head but she was right. We can. It just takes time.

 Of course I've been saying this since the 60's. So come on people, let's get our stuff together. If no one wants refugees anymore then we need to stop making them. 


  1. I'm very proud to count you as a friend!

  2. Thank you for showing up! It helps get the message out there!

  3. I m proud of you too, Deb. Braving the heat to show your support of all families was remarkable. Too bad I didnt' know in advance. WE could have made pussy hat flip flops or something. Oh wait, thats ANOTHER issue.

  4. Thank you so much for representing Deb! Great post. I've been trying to explain to people the dire situations most people are in to risk fleeing with their families into the unknown. I mean how bad must it be for you to do that?

    Anyhow, I love how you captured the spirit of the day. xoxo

  5. I liked the woman knitting on the bench...