Thursday, July 5, 2018

Quilted Into a Corner

 I ran into a serious roadblock with Daddio's Thangles quilt.

 I had free motioned big flowers in the center of the blocks but had no idea where to go from there. I bought some stencils I thought would help but they didn't.

 Yesterday I decided just to do what I know what to do best and call it a day.  Loop de loops around the sashing is pretty much all I know how to do so that's what I did. This thing is so busy you can't really see the stitching anyway.

 The Saltwater mini quilt is still in production. I've got to make a pile of these crazy looking things and then some even crazier looking things.

 Here are the latest Dear Jane blocks. The glue pen makes a world of difference.

This is the last little bit of the sashing that needs quilting. Now I have to figure out the border. I think one of those stencils I just bought just might do the trick. At least I hope so. I'm tired of making so many decisions. This quilting stuff is making my head hurt.


  1. Looking good on every front! I like the newest Jane blocks!

  2. You amaze me. YOU TRULY do! Your Daddio diaper change story had Fireman and I Laughing our butts off

  3. Wonderful progress on your various projects. The Dear Jane blocks are stunning.

  4. Those look very hard!
    Is the glue pen for using instead of pins?

  5. Mom and I have had very similar conundrums when deciding on quilting patterns - sometimes, it's just best to keep it simple!