Friday, July 6, 2018

Hiding from the Heat

 I said I wasn't going to do it but it was too tempting. After being locked in from the horrific temperatures all week I broke down and used the Kuretake watercolors that I thought were too pretty to actually use.

 Hmmmm......they are too pretty to use. I should have left them in the box. I had a terrible time with them. My swatches were splotchy. I had to fight for every brushstroke.

 If you are used to regular pan type watercolors these take some getting used to. They don't react like regular water color. The pigment doesn't spread well. It sort of just sits there. It doesn't like to blend with other colors at all. It almost pushes the other colors away.

They are very popular with the Manga art crowd so I tried it with a big fairy stamp I had. It works much better for filling in spaces. Those flower doodles in progress had to get several coats to get any interesting mingling of colors.

The art journals are all getting a workout this week too. I used the giant floral stamp from my last card kit for some embossing and fussy cutting on a printed background. If this weather doesn't break soon, I am going to need to order more paper.


  1. Looks like a fun project when the weather is beastly hot.

  2. Hmmm, just when you were getting comfortable with your watercolors you threw a wrench in the works! lol The colors are pretty in the art journal.

  3. The little fairy on the toadstools ........oh so cute!

  4. I hope your weather breaks. IT did here last night. WE are enjoying sunny 70s with little to no measurable humidity. I LOVE your flowers

  5. you're making me want to break out my paints!