Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Stitching

 I made the July deadline for the Patience block of the Sheep Virtues. I already have the August block done so I'm taking a break from it this month.

 Mr. Suffolk is also done. Mr. Jacob is next up but he's is being put on hold until September too. I'm a wee bit tired of sheepies.

 In August I will be putting some foliage in my little garden.

 And a few sails on my Tall Ship.

 I also hope to get to Spiral Chicken. She's been gathering dust thanks to the World Cup and the Tour. August will be all hers. She needs her beak and her comb.

 I finished another block for Dear Jane this month too.

It had to be appliqued down so it was the first one to have it's papers removed. It was scary.

I have two more blocks to finish and then I will be in Row C. I hope we get away from those curved pieces. I hate them.

Speaking of blocks, this is as far as I have gotten with the mini quilt. Picking out the awful free motion stitching on the Thangles quilt is using up my free sewing time and I'm just fine with that. Somehow ripping stuff out feels better than putting stuff together right now. It's the dog days. I hate August.

I also want to thank Kathy B and Karen for the lovely surprises that I found in the mailbox today. Those Christmas goodies were just what I needed to get over my hot weather funk and that shawl would be perfect for a box of orphan Knit Picks yarn I found during a fiber closet de-stash after the Tour. Details to follow.


  1. I do like how you work on things and then set them aside for a spell. The gift pkgs look like fun!

  2. Spiral chicken will really come to life with her beak and comb added. I love how you rotate all your projects. I actually wondered when reading this "just how many projects does she have in the works?" It's fun seeing your progress.

  3. I'm curious what kind of frame/hoop you use for stitching. My fabric gets rumpled when I stitch, but yours looks crisp. Please show your setup in a post sometime.

  4. Beautiful gift packages. You know how much I love your little sheep. I always like to see the progress you make on them. It is supposed to be 103°F here today. I’m sitting in the air-conditioning Knitting and not much else!
    Many blessings, Betsy

  5. Love all your projects. I put down and pick up my projects, too. I think it keeps them fresh. Seeing your Dear Jane blocks has been just the nudge I needed to get mine started. I've been getting the book out and putting it back on the shelf for a few months.

  6. I love your sheep and the spiral chicken best of all! I don't know how you do it all, but you sure do!!

  7. Your garden grows beautifully. And colors of the trees are so vibrant!
    And I am seriously tempted for starting mini quilts.

  8. So much on the go! I think I need to make something with chickens in it!