Saturday, July 14, 2018

TdF: Week One

 I managed to fill a bobbin with half of my Boardwalk Lights fiber this week. I've got so much cotton spun on the Spindolyn I have to wind it off today before I can spin more.  Those two bobbins of the California Red I've been spinning on my little drop spindle are ready for plying. I'll be doing that during this morning's ride.

 I started spinning this leftover fiber from Into the Whirled on three different spindles-just because I can.

Finally I've picked up this old ply-on-the-fly project leftover from last year's Tour. I've already made several balls of yarn this way and knit a sweet pair of mitts I wore a lot this past winter. I've got no plans for this yarn, I just like to spin this way so I'm making more-because I can.


  1. Love it, especially the last photo. Those colors are great!

  2. Look at all that gorgeous fiber! The "ply on the fly" colors are fabulous

  3. I really enjoy seeing your progress as you spin! Yesterday was a good stage for me to get some knitting done; I could actually pay attention to a pattern, a least until the last few kilometers!

  4. What wonderful colors! Will be interesting to see what these become.

  5. The best part of the Tour is our focus on doing what we love just because...
    you have made some beautiful yarns.