Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Rescue Mission

 The singles that were on my Turkish spindle were thicker than the ones I had on my other drop spindles so I pulled it off. The good thing about this type of spindle is that it winds the yarn into a center pull ball while you spin.

 I didn't have any trouble at all re-spinning it thinner onto another little Golding spindle. It's the one in the front. Now it all matches in thickness and twist. That's important since I am splicing it all together onto one big bobbin.

Since I still wanted to spin on that Turkish spindle I had to go do some stash diving. I didn't want anything I loved too much since this project probably won't see the light of day again until next July. For some reason I had a big bag of green hanks that I had collected over the years so green it is. This is some BFL/Silk in the Secret Garden colorway from Misty Mountain Farms.

 Now these singles can be anything they want to be, no expectations. That's always for the best-at least for me.


  1. You are amazing. I have always wanted to learn to spin with a spindle but I never have. Look at all of yours and full of single plies too!

  2. Just to enjoy a good spin-that's the best way!

  3. Sometimes I feel like I did as a child when I read about your spinning and weaving - I really don't understand all the words but I love looking at the pictures!

  4. i have gton take a spindle class!