Wednesday, July 11, 2018


 Since we had a few days of decent weather I decided to head out to the fleece shed.

Trinidad was such a clean fleece I decided to wash her in the sink. It may be nice out but there are still too many bugs to hang outside for long. I figure if I can put icky crab guts in the kitchen sink, a little fleece won't hurt anything and I always give the sink a nuclear scrubbing when I'm done.

I had a regular little assembly line going. I could have washed the whole fleece but since she's the only one I have I decided to leave some for next spring. I get the washing bug every spring.

Now I really need to finish that sample so I can decide what the next step is. What she becomes will depend on her itchy factor.


  1. Do you actually have a whole shed of fleeces? I can’t wait to see what she decides to be. The fleece itself is beautiful.

  2. How nice to have some fiber washed and cleaned for spinning! Spin the yarn and decide what it will be used for later....

  3. Lovely fleece that will become something lovely! Smart of you to move inside to wash her - in the past I've bathed babies in my sink so there's nothing a power sink wash can't take care of!

  4. Looking good! You are one BUSY lady!!!

  5. The washed fleece looks so soft: I hope the itch factor is low. 😉

  6. There's just something about a natural white yarn, isn't there?