Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Rest Day

 Since the riders were resting today, instead of getting up and spinning for a few hours I got up and knit. These socks had been on the needles too long. They needed to go.

I got another inch or two on the watermelon socks before chores began to pile up and my quiet morning was over.

I had planned on caking up this new sock yarn and getting it cast on before I ran out of me time. It's the skein I picked up at the farmer's market Friday night. It'll wait.

I wanted something beachy and when I saw that this colorway was Mermaid's Tail I had to have it. Speaking of beach, we had major flooding here yesterday once again. We were looking at videos last night on Facebook of people wading waist deep on the road that runs in front of the boardwalk.

 Even our own backyard creek was looking a bit scary for a while. Many roads were closed even today including our major highway. Of course The Mister had to go take a look. We got soaked as it is still raining. It was pretty wild.

The Bay was very angry. Look at that beach. This is the one that they just dredged. What a mess.


  1. Your new socks turned out beautiful and that watermelon color way is perfect. I really like the label on your new sock yarn too.
    My goodness you’re getting so much rain and we desperately need rain to put out the fires. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything could just be averaged out? I hope it dries up soon for you.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. We also had some flooding yesterday. Because of unwise road construction with bad dranage, every time there is a heavy rain we have lakes. It takes couple of hours for the water levels to go down, but still for a while cars were almost like submarines.

  3. Wow, look at the beach! We had pretty wild here, too. I like the first pair of socks; their wild colors will make your feet happy in the blah of winter! The new yarns are delicious!

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your socks. both pair, but especially the first (blue) ones. Lovely. So soggy here...moist outside ALL the time. I feel like I live in a swamp.

  5. Ooooh, your socks and new yarn are beautiful. I love self-striping yarn.

  6. Love the new yarn. So sad about the beach erosion, we get so much of that here. Good luck as the Tour finishes.

  7. The socks are fantastic and I love the new mermaid tail yarn! But those watermelon socks. Dreamy. Very very summery!

  8. The socks look amazing - both pair. I bet the new yarn will look great too! Hope the water doesn't get any higher!