Tuesday, July 17, 2018


 It;s a good thing the Saltwater mini quilt came with lots of extra fabric.

 I sailed through unit A but had lots of trouble with unit B.

 That's unit B on the left. There are 3 pieces that overlap. It's a head scratcher. I had to throw my first tries away they were that bad.

 Here's the first block. Now I have to sew it together so it makes sense. I am terrified.

 On a happier note, I finished all the free motion on the blocks of Daddio's Thangles quilt.

I've got wonky flowers in the center and loops on the border. Some of those really bad flowers may get picked out and redone when I've had some distance from the whole ordeal.

Now onto the blue outer border. I guess it's more loops. It's all I seem to be able to do.


  1. Complicated quilt blocks always stymie me. I think your quilting on Daddio‘s quilt looks lovely. I believe you are your own worst critic! :-)
    I received your soap and card today in the mail. Thank you so very much. They both smell wonderful. The temperature today was 98 and yet the soap arrived perfectly fine with no melting at all. You are so generous. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Love the way your Thangles turned out. Saltwater is going to be gorgeous too.

  3. You will conquer all-the Thangles quilt is superb! You and your dad made a good team!

  4. Your Dad had a great sense of color: I love the Thangles quilt. It's cheerful and happy.

  5. Now i want salt water taffy .. And I cannot have it! Tooth implant healing!!!

  6. I only wish I could free motion that well! The quilt is beautiful

  7. Thangles looks fantastic!
    That taffy quilt would drive me batty!

  8. Love the bright happy colors! Thank you so much for sending the care package, it came just wonderfully and smells divine (luckily we've had a brief reprieve from the crappy heat). Love the card too - you are very generous!