Thursday, July 19, 2018

More Stuff

 With all the spinning going on I haven't spent much time down in the art room. I did make a quick card for an Aunt who is under the weather.

 The Mister needed another quick card for a retirement party.

 While I was making the retirement card I realized I didn't have much in the way of "man" stamps so I ordered the plane stamps on the right. The cute little scarecrow came along for the ride. You just might be seeing him again for the fall giveaway.

The dies came along too. They make everything so much easier.

A few weeks ago I bought a primary set of Daniel Smith watercolors. This is the brand my card kit company sends out as a tiny sample all the time and I thought I would try a full tube. I wanted them mainly for making color wheels but I haven't quite got that far yet. I have had some fun with them-backgrounds and swatches, of course but I am still knee deep in sheep at the moment and that's as it should be in July. Vive le Tour.

 Speaking of sheep, look at the little guy that showed up in the mail yesterday. He/she is hand embroidered on a towel. That's a holiday apron on the left. I hate the ones I have so I am very happy to have it.

 What really set me off was this needle minder. How brilliant is this? I can never find my needles. I've got cardstock, I've got felt. I am going to make a million of these. Thanks so much, Sandy!

 And that's not all....This pretty little package showed up also stuffed with pretty cotton sock yarn.

Have you ever? It's real cotton with acrylic and even elastic to give it bounce. I have looked all over for this particular type of cotton for socks and it just showed up at my door. Imagine that. I see some cool stripey socks in my future. Thanks, Kathy P. !
As always, I never expect anything in return for the pleasure I get from sending y'all soap but wow..there are always some surprises. You guys are the best!


  1. What fun gifts! Love the sheep towel and the needle minder is cute and practical too. The yarn! Well you know how I love yarn. I’m looking forward to seeing the socks you make with it.

  2. Daniel Smith is best. I've been buying one color from time to time, building up a good supply. They are all just beautiful and there are some really unusual colors.

    Your cards are just darling. I don't really understand how those dies work, which is just as well. I don't need to get addicted to more craft supplies!

  3. Love the coral cotton color!!! and I adore the camper adventures to come card

  4. Wow - how nice is that? Love the cards too!

  5. You make the best and cutest cards!! I've not heard of that brand of cotton yarn and will be interested to hear/see how it knits up.