Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Spell is Broken

 Whatever evil hoodoo was working on my ball winder is now a thing of the past. Good thing. I was itching to start a new project. That hat. Up there to be exact.

I had all this Shetland I had washed and spun from the past three Tours and I wanted it to become a color work project so I went looking for something that would work with what I had. I broke three of the skeins down into 1 ounce balls.

 Then I skeined them up again.

 I stuffed them all into a different color of dye. One big 3 ounce skein got dyed navy blue for the main hat color.

 I'm not very good at dyeing but this single color stuff I can do.

 Ta dah.....this is going to be a Northern Lights Bohus hat from the book Homespun Handknit. I love this book. It's the one book I have made lots of stuff from even when I don't have homespun to use.

And.....look at this! I even got the Wandering Cat sock yarn in the Watermelon colorway wound up without a bit of trouble. Spell broken. For now.

For those of you who asked about what it would look like knit here it is. Nice, huh? I love pink and green together and this is gradient pink and gradient green. I'm not going to mind at all if it takes forever to knit these. I can already tell they are always going to be a pleasure to pick up.


  1. I adores the colors of your dyed yarn. Those are my kinds of colors.
    Those watermelon socks are a keeper too. Love the pinks & greens.

  2. Ooooh I love how that looks too!

  3. Beautiful yarn. That hat will be gorgeous. Fun watermelon socks! Glad everything is working for you.

  4. Beautiful work dying the yarn; the colors really are lovely!

  5. ❤️ the watermelon striping - such fun! Kudos for dyeing yarn for the hat. I'm eager to watch the yarn become the Northern Lights hat.

  6. Glad things are finally going right! I love the colours of your hat!

  7. Your yarn is just beautiful and the process looks like so much fun. Love the pink and green yarn/socks. So cheerful.

  8. Nothing like watermelon and watermelon yarn. I want to see the northern lights again! I'll see them in your hat. THANKS

  9. So cool to see the colors for the hat-great pattern and it needs the special attention!
    Great job on the dyeing!
    The watermelon socks are so fun-what fun to knit them and to soon wear them!!!!

  10. Glad the ball winder is back under your control! Those socks are going to be very fun. (I am also knitting with WC's yarn at the moment and loving the results as well.) Nice work on the dyeing! You are one amazing crafter!

  11. That is a gorgeous yarn for socks. They will be fun to make.
    My ballwinder has a permanent demon in it! I keep plotting to get a new one.
    That Bohus hat is going to be so pretty in those hand-dyed colors.

  12. I love your dyed yarn colors!