Monday, July 2, 2018

The Fourth on the First

 The family voted to have our annual crab feast yesterday instead of on the 4th. Fine by me.

 As usual, we had lots of grill food but it was just the crabs anyone wanted. I've got lots of leftovers.

While the grown ups were eating, me and the kids made pinatas for the little grand's birthday.

 I love this age. I can put all kinds of dumb stuff in a bag to whack and they think they have treasure.

It's hard to believe that little guy will be three already. Time sure does fly.

Speaking of time flying. I have been the official keeper of Daughter's wedding gown since her wedding seven years ago. Yesterday I handed it over to her and she sent me this photo when she got home. She wanted to see if she could still get in it. It certainly does still fit but it has a giant white wine stain down the front of it that we never noticed. I should have taken it out of the bag and looked at it but it never crossed my mind to get it cleaned. How stupid was that?  Oh well, no one is ever going to wear it again and as Daughter said, it's part of the memory. I should mention I paid close to $4000 for this particular memory so at the moment I'm pretty peeved at myself. I suppose the fact that she wore it outside that night to water the flowers should make me feel better about it. Yeah, it actually does.


  1. Glad you had a lovely crab feast. Her dress was beautiful.

  2. I love the mental image of your daughter watering the flowers in her gown.

  3. Oh, how I miss having a crab feast! When we lived in MD, we would go to Pope's Creek with the family all through the season - delicious!!
    I love that your daughter watered her garden in her wedding dress! That is totally cool!

  4. I, too, love the image of your daughter watering plants in her wedding gown! That's great.

    And man! Those crabs look so yummy!!

  5. I love the age of the Grands you're describing. They are so new and fresh with everything and the pure joy and innocence is just so captivating. I remember telling my husband, it's so fun to see things through his eyes right now.

    It's a beautiful dress. I can't see the stain and I don't know anything about care. Is it too late to do anything for it? I love that she wore it to water the flowers. hehe.

  6. I never thought of watering the flowers in my dress! That would give the neighbours something to talk about. Of course, mine has a lace up corset back, so I can't get in and out of it without help!

  7. Oh my goodness that wedding dress is spectacular!!!! I love it and im very picky. Maybe you could dye the dress in an offwhite shade?

  8. I miss that Maryland crab!

    I agree that the dress is beautiful. I also cannot see the stain. It might be worth taking to the dry cleaner. Somebody might want to wear it someday!

  9. The crabs look delicious, the dress fabulous but the time with the grands; priceless!