Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Fourth on the 30th

 The Mister was pretty mopey on Saturday. I had been in DC all day and he had been home twiddling his thumbs. The last thing I wanted to do was to go back out in the heat but I could tell he needed an outing. Pup too. She had a new stroller to try out. We got it to protect her feet from the hot asphalt when we go down to the beach in the summer. She loves it. She always did like riding in Dear Departed Doggie's stroller. Now she has her own.

 We decided to head down to the boardwalk to watch the fireworks., We used to always watch them from the top of our street but after the trees grew up we said the heck with it. It's not worth fighting the mosquitoes. They shoot them off from a barge here. This one, in fact. From the boardwalk we could see it make its way down the Bay and anchor in place. I found it ridiculously exciting to watch. How sad am I?

 The beach was hopping. I have no idea how anyone sits on that hot sand in this weather. They are made of tougher stuff than me. I never was a beach baby even though I love the water.

 By dusk the place was filling up so we planted ourselves on a bench on the pier.

 The Mister was antsy. He can't sit still for a minute. I was about ready to pitch him in the water. Dark couldn't get there fast enough for him.

 I had no problem settling in for the wait. The evening breeze was wonderful and there were NO mosquitoes.

 Who needed fireworks? Look how pretty just the lights are. I could have sat there all night.

 Uh, oh. We didn't factor in the Pup problem. We forgot that the explosions may be a problem for a little dog. It sure was. We actually ran into our vet tech on our earlier stroll and she gave us a look when she saw we had Pup with us. She was right.

By the time we got here, Pup was in panic mode. Off we went, watching the fireworks over our shoulder while we hot footed it to the car. It wasn't so bad though. We got out just before the massive traffic jam shut the place down. We'll do this again next year-minus the dog.
Happy 4th everybody!


  1. I LOVE fireworks. I still get excited to see them each year. Hope pup wasn't too traumatized! And NO mosquitos - wow!

  2. I really miss living by the water (Cape Cod for five years) so I always love your pics!

  3. What is with our hyperactive husbands. Mine is go go go and then collapse on the couch and deny he's snoring

  4. Love all the photos, especially the one with the lights reflected on the water. The pier was the ideal place to watch the display, and leaving early was a good decision.

  5. Looks like a beautiful time even if pup had a freak out! lol

  6. Pup looks so cute in her stroller. I should get something like that for burton!