Friday, September 2, 2016

The Week That Was

 Around midnight tonight I should be heading home from my kittycation if Hermine doesn't mess things up in Charlotte where Daughter has a layover today.

 The furbabies Mom and Dad are supposed to be arriving at BWI at around 10ish. I'll pick them up and then take the long trek home. As far as kitty sitting went, this week was pretty uneventful. No one got sick, no one howled all night. I guess the trial run we took a few weeks ago helped sort them out.

Daughter had gifted them a new scratching toy. They made good use of it. It was funny to see. I wish I could have gotten a photo but it was hit and run.

 As for me, I got a little of this and a little of that done. I did start something new. Valerie's Undines in blue Tofutises (thanks again for the yarn Dee!).

 I  got a sleeve finished on Featherweight and started on the second.

 I finished the last blocks of Daddio's 9 square paper piecing project. Now it's on to sew all those blocks together and add some borders. Lots of borders.

 September would have been finished if I had remembered to bring the extra red I bought. Without it I couldn't do much except stitch myself in a corner and I hate doing that.

 The gray cardi's sleeves are a done deal. Now onto the front bands.

 Aubade is officially on her lace border. It's a doozy so don't look for a FO anytime soon.

 I'm on the last of the garter edging on the spa cloth. I could have cast it off but I'm in no hurry now.

Of course there was spinning. Two more spindle fulls got added to the bobbin. I'm feeling more hopeful about getting this done by February-especially since I'll be off dog sitting in just a few days. There's nothing better than being a captive audience to your projects to get things done.


  1. So much progress on everything! I need to shake off my cross-stitch spell and do something useful.

  2. That scratching chair is a hoot....what will they think of next?! And do you get so much dones all the time?!! It's absolutely amazing. We're bracing for the storm here. Had a prelude this evening just to make it even more interesting. I think we are in the path and I heard something about flights being grounded in Charllote. Hope your daughter gets home ok.

  3. You have had a good visit! I love the progress on all the projects! The 9 patch quilt is stunning. Think of all the new things you will be starting soon!

  4. Safe travels to all! Such cute kitties and that scratching chair is a hoot - love it! Now you are making me feel lazy. You have gotten so much done! What pattern is the spa cloth? it is really pretty. And that lacy shawl will be amazing! Maybe I should leave work now and go home to knit? The way I feel, I'd most likely fall into a long, long nap.

    1. Spa Cloth 1 :

  5. Wow! You had a VERY productive week. How do you like knitting with the TOFUtsies? It feels quite different in hand, but boy --- they wear WELL!!!

    Love that scratching rocking chair. I'll have to see if I can find one of those.

    Your daughter's kitties are beautiful.

  6. I've never seen such a cute scratching post! Do the cats use it? Our cat seems to prefer the braided rug next to our scratching post? And the clawless (when we rescued her) cat likes to scratch her paws on the wooden floor register!? Love all your projects; you've had some uninterrupted crafting time, eh?

  7. I must have that scratching chair?!! Where did she get it. Your knitting is phenomenal. You got a ton done!