Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mum's the Word

 My impatiens were a bust this summer. I bought lots of big clay pots and all I had in them were ugly dead stalks.

 As soon as the mums came out I ripped up the dead things and replanted.

 So far, so good but a few are starting to turn brown already and some of the buds are drying up. Jeesh. I've had no luck this year with my clay pot garden.

 Speaking of drying up, the hostas are already doing just that. It's been HOT and dry so I guess they are ready for their long winter nap a bit early this year. I know I am.

 One teeny tiny hosta just bloomed however. We transplanted this itty bitty one in early summer from The Mister's mother's garden. A September blooming hosta? That's odd.

 My hydrangea bush looks like a big dried flower bouquet.

The whole back yard is starting to go gold. As I know I have mentioned whined a million times before, it's still HOT and muggy here. Ugh-o. Fall, where the heck are you? I need some sweater weather.


  1. Hang in there .... it has to be SOON, right????

  2. My impatiens did OK. I planted mums a few years ago, but they died almost immediately. Someone told me that asters are a good one to grow, but I haven't found any around here.

  3. I love mums....they don't last here-I try to save them from the year before and it's not too successful!
    We used to cut all the branches with Hydrangeas blooms and bring them in for a dried flower bouquet! Nice memory.

  4. I love the rich autumn colors of mums. Most of our plants have had a tough summer too.

  5. I agree about the hot, muggy weather! All I want to do it open up the windows and air out the house!

  6. Your mums are beautiful and I hope they do well. It was 38° here when I woke up this morning. Burrrr. But it's much better than the heat, I have to agree with you there. Blessings, Betsy

  7. My plants are looking pretty sick too. That's a good idea to replace with mums for the fall. I'm thinking of doing the same. I had beautiful mums at the old place.

  8. Yes everything is turning golden and it is still muggy. At least it rained.

  9. I just bought some mums today to plant in my backyard, I hope the deer don't think they are a yummy treat.