Friday, September 16, 2016

Paying the Piper

 When you lose your mind and make 96 bars of soap you never think about having to wrap it all. After painting all day, I've been spending my evenings on the assembly line.

 You'll notice that I've taken my wrapping a step further. I am adding an FDA approved ingredients label so I can feel a bit better about handing it out to folks I don't know very well. I have allergies so I get that everyone should know exactly what they are using.

 In spite of the extra work, I've had fun with the labels. The Halloween soaps are so cute.

 I've got lots of regular fall scents ready to go, too.

 My new passion, the foot fizzy has been a challenge to wrap. That's three layers of plastic so the fizz stays where it's supposed to. I am totally addicted to these things. I use one every night.

I always follow up the fizzy with a rubdown with a lotion bar. I've got a million at the moment. I can't stop making them. I've even made one for the dogs.

 The new FDA approved labels require me to use the word "soap".  You wouldn't want anyone to not know what it is. As if.

 I'm not sure if I like making soap or wrapping it the best.

It's a toss up.

 Isn't that pretty?

 Shrink wrapping it is fun too. Scary, but fun. That thing gets hot.

 Then there are all those little bits and bobs leftover from the end cuts that aren't so pretty. They make great hand soaps. I use a lot of them up in the kitchen. I even wash dishes with them.

 All those spotty green ones got chopped up and added to the new leftover basket. The Mister is always looking for a fresh bar but is afraid to take anything wrapped off the shelves. Now he can pick whatever he wants whenever he wants without asking.

Speaking of shelves. Look at that-and that's just the top three shelves. There are three more just like it. You know what that means. Giveaway time! Stay tuned. Details on Sunday!


  1. Your house must smell AWESOME all the time.

    Well, of course you have to tell people it is soap. Someone might think it looks good enough to eat and actually EAT IT. LOL

    I saw a bottle of shampoo that said do not use in your eyes. Yeah ... that was the FIRST thing I was going to do with it.

  2. You need to open a shop. Your soaps and wrap looks much better (and are much better) than those I see in "Organic/handmade" shops in here.

  3. You are amazing! Look how beautiful those bars of soap are all arrayed! Fantastic!

  4. The packaging is so beautiful! Great job ♥

  5. They all look beautiful...I can almost smell them through the computer - lol.

  6. I know I've said this before but amaze me. They are all wrapped beautifully and the soaps themselves are wonderful. You inspire me!

  7. Your soaps are gorgeous, Pumpkin soap sound delicious!