Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Fruits of Our Labor

 The stash room is back in business. I've finally got a place for everything.

And then some. I've got a room full of shelves.

The Mister even put up a new rack to hold all those full project bags that were all over the house.

He also put up this tree-like rack for the little projects. I added two more of these tall skinny Ikea shelves in some wasted space by the door.

The soap shelves got a good cleaning and reorganizing too. It's all in one place now instead of being all over the room. It's really nice having an organized place to do my thing.

The living room is also done. New drapes, covers and pillows make such a huge difference. All my knitting doo dads are now in easy reach in my spiffy wall unit. Ikea, I love you.

In case you are wondering, my furniture isn't two toned. I wrapped my new gray covers with cardboard to protect them from the kitties until I am over them being all new and shiny. That doesn't take long around here. The clutter will be returning on Friday as I pull out the scenery and costume materials for the Yellow Submarine.

Finally, I jammed my old TV stand under the dining room table so that it can hold all the sewing whatknots and hopefully keep clutter to a minimum this time around. As if. I should also mention that we had too many kids show up to join again this year so we will have to have two teams. That means even more scenery and costumes for a whole other production number. More on that one later.

Note to CharlotteK: Your soap box is ready to mail but I can't find your address. Help? Thanks!


  1. Looks to me like when the cold, blustery weather rolls around again, you will have plenty to keep you happily busy in the craft room!

  2. So much nice craft space! I envy you. One day I may have a room like yours... One day...

  3. Wow! I love how you've organized everything. Can you spin sitting in that cushy chair? I always had to sit in an upright chair when I was spinning. It will be so nice to have everything so handy. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

    1. I have to scoot up to the edge but it works. I also have a bentwood chair that's not in the photo. There's usually a cat sitting on it though.

  4. I love it! Elegant andd classy. Good job!

  5. WOW! You are organized. I'm jealous/envious. All the rooms look wonderful. Ikea is great, but I always end up buying more than I intend....

  6. I love your clean up results Lady! ! I love the wood in the room. Beautiful. We have plastic on the carpet in the basement now to prevent the cats from scratching it. We have a gate up to one area to keep them from that carpet now. Its worth it to me . Pets do create challenges but we know they are worth it!

  7. Oh my all looks wonderful!! LOVE, LOVE , LOVE what you did with the living room too! You guys did good!

  8. Nice work! How about coming here and organizing me?

  9. I LOVE the cardboard around the couch idea!!!
    Thanks for sharing you are an inspiration!

  10. Just incredible! I love the way everything looks-so inviting. How can you not be creative now with everything in its place! Inspiring!
    (don't think about the skating teams for a week to celebrate your neatened/revamped spaces!)

  11. You are like Super Woman!!!! The cardboard idea is brilliant.