Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Soap: Fall Giveaway!

 I've been waiting all summer for this!
You know I have a lot of soap to giveaway but I also have a few of these bath fizzies that need a home. I can't promise to get it to you in one piece but I've seen people selling broken ones as crumbs and calling them Zombie dust. If you've never tried one, you are in for a treat. They are oodles of fun when you are in the mood for some serious pampering. Promise me you'll use it though. They lose their fizz after a few weeks. For the record, I call them foot fizzies because that's the part of my particular anatomy that can tolerate them. Daughter drops them in the bath and then has a good allover soak. To each their own I suppose.

 Do you need a new lotion bar to get you through the long, dry winter? I've got plenty in lots of different fragrances. I am waiting for the tins to arrive. They should be here next week. Amazon willing.

As for soap, I've got some that smell like the real thing. Baby Buttermilk smells like baby powder and Pumpkin Picking smells just like a slice of pie. Breath of God, Redwood and Saffron and Something Wicked are rather perfumey. They are not too strong but you can certainly smell them while you are using them. Tuscan Olive is not one of the awful spotty ones. It's a redo that I didn't blog about. It's mild and lovely, full of olive butter and two types of olive oil. It's very lightly scented with a blend of lavender and cedar essential oils. It's not very pretty under the wrapper. I just plopped the batter in and hoped for the best. It's full of glycerin rivers which gives it a unique crackly look. That just means that the soap got very hot while it was doing it's thing. Seeing how dreadfully hot it's been here all summer, I am surprised more of them don't look this way.

Mediterranean Fig is perfumey also. You've seen that one before because it's my favorite so I make it all the time. Vanilla Sea Salt, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and Crisp Apple Wine smell just like they sound. You can barely smell Farmhouse Cider. It's the one that gave me all that grief but it was worth saving because it's a lovely creamy soap in spite of being ugly. Afternoon Tea is very yummy. It smells a bit like Earl Gray.

 Scrubby Coffee is the scrubbiest yet and smells like a regular cup of Joe. I super duper love it. As soon as the kitchen is back in order I'm making more.  Wasabi and Aloe is spicy. It's a guy's soap for sure. Farmer's Market is odd but I like it. It smells clean and crisp like a sweet lettuce. Witches' Brew is pure patchouli and clove. I love it.

Finally I've got those two butterfly experiments taking up shelf space. At first, they were too pretty for me to part with but I'm over them now and need the room. One is Coconut Lime which is to die for and the other is Sea Breeze which has a mild, fresh scent.

I've also got lots of random stray bars of sweet summer scents that need a good home and a few glycerin facial bars. They will come along for the ride with my new fall babies if you don't mind.

To enter the giveaway just message me on Ravelry (I'm araignee) with your mailing details and telling me your three favorite soaps from the descriptions above. I'll try to make sure you get at least one of them in your package along with as many other goodies as I can stuff in there. 
Everyone's a winner! From now until December first I'll go down the list sending a couple out each week. If I run out of fall soap before you get yours, I'll stick you first in line for the Christmas giveaway.
As always, I expect NOTHING in return. You are doing me the favor of taking them off my hands so I can make more. Lots and lots more. 


  1. What a beautiful array of generosity!
    Thank you!

  2. I will not be signing myself up, not because I don't LOVE your soap, but because I already have a nice stash of it. :-) But for anyone else who is on the fence about it, DO IT!!!

  3. Your soaps are amazing! Thank you!

  4. Well this is exciting!!!! I'm heading over to Ravelry with breakneck speed to feed my Araignee Soap addiction! Those bath fizzies sound interesting too. It's all wonderful! You do such a great job with all of it. I for one would totally be willing to pay you for it. I just love it.

  5. You are so generous my friend!

  6. Loooove these soaps ♥

  7. You are beyond generous, really you are. How can we even pick? There are so many wonderful choices!

  8. Oh my --- they all sound luscious!