Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mrs. Clean

 It's been another all day clean-a-thon around here. Look what I found.

Actually, I found 5 in different places all over the house. They do tend to sneak away.

 Speaking of sneaking, I found these shoved under the large wardrobe in the bedroom.

I sucked them out with my new shop vac. I love my new little toy.

 I had been looking all over for those Crazy Zauberball socks. Here is their Ravelry mugshot, poor things.

Here I am wearing them in 2010 while I am waiting to go back for my gall bladder surgery. Funny thing is that I blamed Daughter for stealing them when I spied a pair at her house recently. She swears I made a pair for her but I took them anyway knowing I was right.

But lookie here.....I am all hooked up for surgery and KNITTING on another pair which I describe in detail on my blog post for the day. Daughter was right. I have to give her hers back now and figure out how to clean the dust bunnies out of mine. They're a mess.


  1. The socks are beautiful! Good thing you found them.

  2. Hahahaha...will you come to my house and bring your shop vac?

  3. Wow knitting before surgery! You rock lady. clean those socksup with a comb and a vacuuming!

  4. Your daughter and you sound just like my mom and I!

    (Also.... If I ever properly cleaned up, I'm sure I'd find dozens of stitch markers in random places!)

  5. Ha, eating crow is hard! Love to see your stories here-I also use the blog to 'prove' who's right about events when we remember differently!

  6. Hey! We both lost our gall bladders in 2010! I don't really miss it, but I do have to watch what I eat. Glad you made all those great finds; that makes cleaning worth while, eh?

  7. You make me laugh, get sock story.

  8. You and I had our gall bladder surgery just about the same time. I wasn't knitting before mine. They gave me sleepy drugs .... it would have been some wonky socks for sure! LOL

    You are one tough lady!!! ;-)

    Zauberball socks will take a good washing and come through dust bunny free! Glad you found them.