Sunday, September 25, 2016

The State of the Stash

 Whenever I show the stash room someone always comments that they would love to see my stash. Here goes. First the roving. My beautiful babies. I have two shelves full.

 I've got baskets filled with itty bitty yarn. Jamieson, Malabrigo, Elann, and lots of other lace weight in small balls.

 I've got cones of kitchen cotton.

 I've got a huge hat box filled with more. I forgot I had it.

 I've got a shelf of weaving kits from my towel of the month club.

 I've got two shelves dedicated to all the Knit Pick kits I have fallen for.

 I've got lots of bins of Knit Picks and Elann yarns in worsted. I plan a project, buy the yarn and lose interest before I even start.

 I've got a big bin of leftover sock yarn waiting for a project.

 I've got tons of Palette.

 There are several bins of a little of this and a little of that. I've got single skein syndrome. I see a skein, I buy one and then it becomes a pet instead of a project.

 I've got kits I made myself of projects I plan on doing one day. Maybe. Maybe not.

I've got a needs-to-be-carded fiber stash on the drum carder stand and lots more in the closet.

I've finally got all that washed fleece under control. A lot of junk went out in the trash.

Here is my newly cleaned out stash closet. There's another shelf above this one filled with neatly organized boxes of sweater yarn in large quantities just in case I am snowed in for the rest of my life. I've got tubs and tubs of handspun. Those hangy things are filled with leftover bits from spinning projects. They get carded into projects when I'm in the mood to make something crazy.

 Just as I was near a breakdown having to wrangle all this fibery goodness, The Mister comes in from the mailbox with a package. More yarn, of course. That's just sad but I saw someone's Felici socks and I just had to have a pair plus a little more. Sick. I know but it gets I'm off to a fiber fest. Oh, my.


  1. How bad an I? I can't WAIT to see what you got at the fiber fest!

    Oh well, we could have WORSE habits than wool.

  2. I absolutely loved you tour today.(and it made me feel a bit better about mine). Ha!!! The Felici yarn looks strangely familiar to me! :-). I hope you had a grand time at the fiber fest and show us the goodies you found.

  3. You have so many bautiful things in your stash! And everything is so well organized. I envy you. My yarn is all over the place hidden from my hubby's eyes in shady corners.

  4. There are worse things in the world than a fiber aficionado !!! I love the stash!

  5. There are worse things to be addicted to than yarn and fiber, I tell myself this all the time. I have been trying to get my stash under control these past two years. It is a work in progress.

  6. Don't worry... you're in good company here. We are all like that!

  7. " just in case I am snowed in for the rest of my life" nearly spat my tea out then! My stash is just as impressive as yours, I think I've shared my yarn stash (well, some of it) but haven't fessed up to the cross stitch, card-making, sewing, kits, candle making, everything really! Oh well! Maybe I too will get snowed in for the rest of my life!

  8. Well now that was fun!!!!! You dont have THAT much yarn (enabler..yes)

  9. Loved this tour! What fun. And I do hope the festival was fun and that you found "things" to buy. You must show!!

  10. Loved seeing your stash! I'll bet if we all got together with our stashes, we could open an amazing shop. LOL

  11. I do not feel alone anymore. Thank you for sharing you stash, now I just feel a pion in the field of stash. LOL