Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hoarders Anonymous

We are painting the kitchen this weekend. I spent yesterday shaming myself as I pulled it all apart.

 Who needs a million tea cups and saucers? Apparently I do,

 I'm waiting for the Queen to call to say she's stopping by for tea. I don't think I've ever had anyone over for tea but Daddio in my entire life.

 That hasn't stopped me from buying a zillion tea pots though.

 I do love tea pots and tea in general. It shows.

 Look at all those creamers. Yikes.

I've got quite a tiny bowl and saucer collection too.

 I've also got a thing for mismatched wine glasses. Sigh. Now I've got to clean it all and put it back. That's no fun.

I give up. All this tea talk is making me thirsty and sleepy. Tea time equals nap time around here. Sometimes it's nice to be old.


  1. They are all so CUTE! You could have a nice cup of tea every day in a different cup! That would be fun.

  2. Love. This. Post. It makes me realize that I am not alone. And I love tea too!

  3. Tea with McVities instead of doing house chores - the best day ever!

  4. This is just all to familiar. I went through this a year ago when we moved except I had to part with most of it to lighten the load. LOL That's quite a project you have going there.

  5. I loved seeing your kitchen collection. Definitely best to be prepared just in case the Queen does pop in.

  6. The teacups and saucers look so pretty ♥

  7. You are too funny! (When we moved I divulged myself of all the detritus and have never looked back!)

  8. Wow those cups and teapots are beautiful. I just made a coffee service area in our new bedroom. Al's idea. I can make coffee and sit on the bedroom porch now. Fireman and i are planning decaf during the moonrise tonight. I bought a coffee canister? pot at the resale shop in town that funds the animal shelter!

  9. Your tea cups and saucers are all so pretty. I do think my favorite tea pots are the Brown Betty, love the rich color and the simplicity of the style.

  10. I cleaned out our cupboards a few months back. I couldn't believe how many coffee mugs we have. It's just the two of us and we rarely have company.
    I packed a whole bunch of stuff up for the Syrian refugees.

  11. Well I'll come over for tea, I'll help you wipe everything down too.