Monday, September 12, 2016

Home Again

Why is this dog smiling?

It could have something to do with all the junk food we gorged ourselves on this weekend. He got lots of treats out of me. No chocolate of course. That was all mine.

Before I could head home I had to go to this year's production team tryouts. We had a huge turn out. Too huge. We have almost 40 skaters show up when the limit for the largest group is 32. We don't want to turn anyone away so we've got a lot of thinking to do.

 It's a hard night for Daughter who has to face the crowd of parents at the parent's meeting and then handle all the registration. She did just fine-as always.

Say cheese team of 2016-2017. This year is off to a very good start!


  1. That furry guy is the sweetest thing and it does look like he's smiling. Skating again already! You seriously have more energy than anyone I know.

  2. Such a sweet smiling face. Hope all goes well this season with your skating team.

  3. He looks like a cuddly, happy dog!
    Looks like a lot of sewing ahead for you!

  4. Doggie looks quite content!

    That skate group looks like quite a handful!

  5. Love love love her long jacket!!! Hi Huck twin

  6. I think Goldies almost ALWAYS are smiling!

  7. Wow! Skating time again. Where did the summer go?!

  8. Wow what a turn out for tryouts! My son finally made the school soccer team this year (it's his last year at this school - 8th grade) and I have to say I am proud of him for just trying out. I think not making the team last year makes it THAT much sweeter this year. Though his schedule (he's playing club as well) is making me kind of insane.