Friday, September 30, 2016

September Cards: Nothing to See Here

 I never made a single card from my September card kit. It was all about birthdays and balloons and I just wasn't feeling it. When I decided to do the giveaway this month I ordered some things to make fall themed cards to stick in the boxes with all the fall soap.

 The problem was that it was all back-ordered. Once again I waited too long to jump on that particular seasonal train. I kept hoping it would get here on time but those soap boxes needed to go out while the fizzies still had some fizz in them. I ended up just making a bunch of random cards using the stuff I had here. I was pretty disappointed.

 Of course the day I mailed out the last of the boxes guess what showed up in the mailbox? Look at those cute little critters jumping in a pile of leaves. That would have been such a cute card to stick in my fall giveaway boxes. Darn.

Even worse, on the very same day, my Simon Says Stamp card kit of the month for October showed up and it was all fall themed. It's really pretty but now I can't think of a single use for it. Oh, well....there's always next year I suppose.

Speaking of nothing to see here....where did my blog roll go? It was on my sidebar and now it's gone. I hope I can find you all again. Jeesh. This is scary.


  1. You're the 5th person that has said today that blogger deleted all of their favorite blogs from the sidebar. I hope it doesn't happen to me. Meanwhile here's my address. :-)



  2. Funny about the cards....well, sort of!
    Just got home and can't wait to get my mail from the PO! Not so funny thing about the internet/technology....I hate it when things change like that! It is really inconvenient!!

  3. You do so many interesting things. SO this month was a card wash....
    Teresa lost her blog roll too today...hmmmm

  4. The little hedgehog and the owl are so CUTE!!!

    Better late than never I suppose. You'll be able to make some cute cards for NEXT year!

  5. Whoa....the whole blog roll dissapearing thing is scary weird! Wonder what's up with that?!

  6. Wouldn't the fall card stuff work for October, too? I know that Halloween is coming, but that's at the end of the month. (even though all that stuff has been in the shops since August or earlier) At any rate, it's the soap that people like best, not the cards! IMHO

  7. Those little critters are soooooooooooooo cute! And I'm sure you can use as few of them before next fall!

  8. How nice! And I cannot stand back orders.

  9. What is going on with blogger, everyone is losing their blog roll!