Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sob Stories

One of the things that binds blog friends together is that every now and then we circle our wagons around someone that has had to say goodbye to a beloved furbaby be it of the kitty or doggie variety. We all know that special pain that is so hard to share with those who have never lived it. When this book showed up in my Audible suggestions I checked out the reviews and knew I had to listen. If you, like me, are still in the throes of grief after a long goodbye, this is a must. Grab a tissue and prepare to laugh and cry.

Speaking of grabbing a tissue, if you haven't seen this on Netflix yet, be warned. It's got enough gorgeous Icelandic sweaters romping around to make it worthwhile but it's another heartbreaker. And then some.

For those who asked about the kitty scratcher/rocking chair, you can find it here. It's pricey. Daughter does spoil her furbabies!
PS: I am editing this to add that after picking up Daughter at the airport she informed me she found the chair at Home Goods for less than half the price you pay for them online. She got all her cute kitty furniture there. 


  1. That's some chair! My fur baby got very sick this week and had to go to the vet yesterday. Thankfully she's much better today after a sky high vet bill and lots of medicine. They sure get into your heart quickly. Thanks for the recommendations today.

  2. Oh, dear....will read the Lily book.
    Haven't heard about the Rams so can watch that-thanks! My cats would not spend much time on the chair....they have the whole outdoors to sharpen their claws! lol

  3. Oh I have to find that chair at half price! That would be a great deal . lt is so whimsical.

  4. Guess who will be making a run to the Home Goods. LOL

  5. That is a cool scratching post, but Mocha's claws were removed by the owner who abandoned her, and Ginger has a scratching post but much prefers the braided rug. :>( The urge to scratch must be powerful because Mocha can often be heard "scratching" the wooden register! Our poor oldest daughter lost 2 cats in the past week, one of old age and one who ate some unknown substance that did her in. Incidentally, there's a great book called Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant that will make you smile through the tears.

  6. I watched that movie!! Rams. I really enjoyed different.