Sunday, September 4, 2016

No Soap

 Being away at Daughter's all week meant I couldn't make any soapy messes in the kitchen but I did have some big surprises waiting for me when I got home.

 First it was Bridget's dishcloths from Kathy B's swap. Can you see it? It's Maryland. Isn't that cool?

 Then there was this one. I love it. I know everyone's going to ask me for the pattern when they see it. Bridget, please? With sugar on top?

 Look at those little tea pot stitch markers. Cutest things ever, right? I love the notebook too. I was just looking at them at Michael's on Thursday and thought I'd wait on one. Now I don't have to. Thanks so much Bridget and also thank you to Kathy B who arranged this fun swap. It made the miserable month of August much more bearable.

Next was this box from, well, you know where. They are a very high end soap supply company and unless I am gifted from them I just dream. Daughter gifted me a $50 certificate for helping at camp and I made good use of it.

 This is their sampler of Christmas and winter scented oils.

 This is just enough for lots of small batches of yummy scented soap and whatknots which will all be happening in early October so it will be cured and wrapped by December 1st.

 Along with the oils I got some tart molds. These are for making those scented wax tarts that make the house smell good. I just tossed out a lot of expired fragrances because I couldn't possible use them up. Now I can use the old ones to make the house smell good as soon as I learn how. You can also use these small molds for bath fizzies and shower truffles-whatever they are.

 Last but not least I got this small slab mold. I usually make a loaf of soap but with this I can make some interesting square bars that I've seen people make on YouTube. Fun stuff, huh? I'm off dog sitting later this week so it'll have to wait but it's not like I'll be running out of soap anytime soon. Remember I said I have 96 bars of fall scented soaps curing. 96.


  1. Looks like there will be more fun in you house!

  2. Wow, fun stuff to catch up on just before you take off again! Beautiful dishcloths!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you liked your package! I had such fun putting it together, and I was hoping you would be amused by the MD dishcloth. :-)

    The second dishcloth is a freebie pattern: It's got a nice easy rhythm once you get used to it, and the stitch is so lovely! I'm glad you liked it as much as I did. :-)

  4. What a lovely package from Bridget. I do see Maryland!

    Love your soapmaking!

  5. Have fun with the pups this week. Don't forget to posts pics!

  6. Love love love your swap goodies. THE teapot stitchmarkers are to die for.

  7. Now that's the way to start out the month! And thank you Bridget for the free pattern link! I've been a little bored with all my dish cloth patterns. Can't wait to try this one.

  8. Love those stitchmarkers! What a fun swap this was for everyone.