Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Ramblings

 Yesterday I drove around all day doing stuff. Did you know that Wawa has the most delicious apple cider doughnuts ever? I've stood in line for them at Rhinebeck but these take the cake. Literally. A giant yummo.
 I also am in love with Wawa's soda machine that lets you add flavors to your diet soda. I don't drink one often but when I do it's nice to add a little cherry to it.

 Next, I am going to whine about the weather again. That's the car AC on full blast in September. The house AC is still blasting away too. I need the heat AND the humidity to go away. Not one or the other. BOTH.

 Then I have a note to myself. BUY the darn Pumpkin Spice coffee when it comes out in August. If you wait while trying to make up your mind if you want it, this is all you will find and we don't have one of those machines. I am going to have to dump the cup every morning into the coffee maker.

 In my travels I found a whole bunch of these little coloring kits for Daddio at Micheal's. He was very proud of his work last night. They are easier for him than regular coloring books.

 While he colored, I got a few more inches on the new sock.

 Thanks for all your well wishes for Old Doggie. She has spent the entire summer in a cone of shame because of her terrible allergies and that was probably the reason her ears were such a mess. To keep her from chewing herself raw, I stuffed her in a baby Onesie with the hands sewn shut. She loves it. It seems to calm her down. She licks at it for a few minutes and then rolls over and goes to sleep. She's so cute in it that it's all I can do to keep from picking her up and rocking her-but she would hate that. She's not the cuddly type.

Finally, look at that! I got my new phone activated all by myself and am on the way to figuring out how to use it. I'm not much of a phone person so my biggest dilemma is really how to carry this monster around without breaking it. I've ordered a case but I don't seem to have a place in any of my bags for it to safely live while I cart it around. Any advice?


  1. Doggie looks cute, like a baby. Hope she gets well soon.

  2. Pup is adorable!


    That is all.

  3. Love your doggie in the onesie -- too, too cute. I just throw my phone in my purse and so far it's been fine.

  4. I love this post! I had never heard of Wawa until Mandy moved to Annapolis. I admit, it's pretty cool. Your dog! Oh my goodness. I want to pick up and snuggle too. I love that she loves it. Perfect. Can't help you with the coffee as I don't drink it. :-). I have a pocket in my purse for my phone. My problem is taking walks with it. I have to carry the darn thing and it IS big.

  5. Awwwwww! Old doggie looks so sweet in her onesie! Could she get any cuter???

    I'm so glad you found something to bring joy to Daddio. I'm sure you felt very good about that.

  6. My son is visiting from Texas and the first place he went when he arrived here was Wawa! I'm tired of the heat as well and am anxiously awaiting the first cool day so I can open the windows of the house! Love the Doggie onsie!

  7. Will have to visit WAWA to try those donuts. My friend was visiting from UK, we were down at the shore and I took her in WAWA for a sandwich, she was just amazed at all the choices on the computer and said it would totally overwhelm her husband and he'd have a meltdown. Enjoy.

  8. Love the doggie suit! So nice you found the coloring pages for your Dad!
    I think you will find a 'case' for your phone on Amazon and you will love it and it will save you if and when you drop it! The nice gel ones feel better in your hand and do not slip from your grip!

  9. Pockets,,,,big pockets and get that case on it ASAP! They don't survive being dropped (ask me how I know this:-O). You're going to love it....the big ones are the best too....easier to see. I love the big screen on my new one. I can't believe Old Doggie let you stuff her into a onesie! LOL Louie gets down right owlie when I cover his feet. I use to put little socks on him when we lived in the fozen north just to watch him show his teeth at me.

  10. Oh my goodness your dog is adorable. I bet the pressure of her little outfit keeps her calm. Hope you have a great weekend,