Monday, September 5, 2016

Old News

My friends in Florida are probably sick of hearing about it but we got a short visit from Hermine on Saturday morning that caused lots of excitement around here.

It was early in the morning and there were loads of folks on the boardwalk with cameras aimed at the Bay.

It wasn't terribly interesting here. Just lots of ominous clouds and whipping winds. What was interesting was the way the seagulls reacted.

 They were all lined up on the sand in almost perfect formation facing the wind.

Until something startled them.

Then they took off in a mass of flapping wings that was quite spectacular to see. In a few seconds they would land right back where they were.

Poor Pup had to hang on for dear life. Between the splashing waves and the wind she was not a happy Pup.

The winds were so strong the state flag broke off from its post and got stuck in a tree. That's about it for damage. By noon is was all gone but for a light breeze and some most welcome Canadian air that mercifully pushed old Hermine out to sea and gave us some wonderfully cool temps and low humidity.

Look what was waiting in the driveway. It's early for fall color around here. Fall usually appears around Halloween. Not in September but this weekend it felt like fall and it was heavenly.


  1. Poor pup! Huck was not a fan of the wind. Glad you were safe. I delight in summer but I welcome falls crisp air. :)

  2. Glad you weathered Hermine without much damage! Here fall seems really early too. Does that mean a hard winter ahead? Hope not!

  3. Poor Pup. He looks quite disgusted. I loved the picture of the seagulls. That was quite something but I'm glad Hermine wasn't worse for all of you.

  4. In spite of the rain and wind, looks like you had a wonderful day. Pup certainly got his fur whipped around. Poor pup!

  5. Those are smart birds to weather the storm on shore. I wonder who will get the task of retrieving the flag. I'm glad you had a leash on Pup....wouldn't want the little cutie to blow away.

  6. I don't blame you to head to see the affects of Hermine, too. A big storm like that is a sight to see. (Glad it is was a 'safe' storm to gawk at!) We have a reprieve from the death grip of summer, too-the humidity has let go and it is a pleasant 86 outside-yippee!

  7. Ahhh, poor pup. Glad you survived the storm. The gulls are amazing!