Thursday, September 22, 2016

Special Deliveries

 Early yesterday morning a big white truck came down the driveway with 6 big boxes for me.

 Then the UPS guy came down it with this little one.

 The truck brought the replacement for this old TV stand and UPS brought my new phone.

The Mister and I spent the day up to our elbows in nuts and bolts.

We made the house an even bigger mess than it already is.

 I helped. I like doing this. I hate screwdrivers.

By the time it got too dark to see what we were doing we had this much done on my new Ikea Hemnes wall unit. We would have gotten further but the Old Doggie has an ear infection so we had a vet visit that took hours and $300 out of our pockets. Ouf. Tomorrow we will tackle the bridge unit that goes across the top but that's a job for daylight. As for my new smartphone, it's charging. I'm going to try and set it up after things quiet down. I have to do it right this time.


  1. I like that TV table. Looks like you did a right sturdy job of it.

    Hope pup is feeling better soon.

  2. Poor Old Doggie. Ear infections are so painful .... and expensive. But then everything surounding a vet visit is expensive. This I know well from experience believe me! Love the wall unit!

  3. It's all progress, though! I love the wall unit so far! It's so cool to get modern!

  4. Nice TV unit. You guys did a great job! I'm sorry about your doggie. Chloe had an unexpected vet visit a couple of weeks ago. Ouch! They sure do cost a lot.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Ahhh, poor doggie...hope he is feeling better. Love the wall unit. It's been years since my husband put anything together from Ikea, but I remember there was a ton of cursing - lol.

  6. I love delivery trucks!
    I hope old doggie is feeling better soon.

  7. I just put together Little Buddy's bed last weekend, you guys had a lot of work to do.