Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Pile of Ones

Thanks to all that waiting room knitting, I have a pile of FO's to show off. The only problem is that they are all one of a pair.

At this moment, I have one and a half Owlie Mitts.

I have one and a third Thrummed Mittens...

..and one and a quarter of a pair of plain ribbed socks. I certainly have had plenty of interesting projects to keep me busy in the long hours spent waiting and fretting. Daddio is still getting regular checkups on his healing eye and is scheduled for more surgery to repair the second one next week. Today I am taking Middle Sister to have some major repair work done on the bones in her neck. It promises to be another hair raising couple of days at the hospital so I am very thankful I have a bag full of old friends to take along to keep me company.Oy vey....


  1. Oh my! That does sound nerve wracking. I do hope everything goes ok. Hopefully the rest of the summer will be less stressful. All that knitting should help pass the time though.

  2. Wishing you luck to you and your sister over the next few days...

  3. Knitting helps make those long hours go by a bit faster. Wishing fast recovery for your sister and father.

  4. Nothing like a bag of old friends.
    Best of luck.

  5. You've got more than just ones - you've got "ones and a bit"! You'll be done in no time

  6. Those are great little carry along projects. THey all seem a bit complex to me! and they are all lovely.
    HEre's hoping all those you help send you loved ones to help you someday!