Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shaelyn: The Blessed End

The drama associated with this project is finally over. Behind this door, Shaelyn is being blocked within an inch of her life.

It is wonderful to finally have a designated blocking area that is cat proof. I used to have to do this on the dining room table and then carefully transfer it to a safer spot at night.

 I am very happy with the way she turned out. All the color issues worked out beautifully and were worth the extra effort.

Those last two rows of over-dyed blue look like they belong there. Thank goodness.

Final Verdict: This was an easy-peasy pattern, perfect for beginning lace knitters. For a full sized shawl, it was actually a very quick knit and would have been done weeks ago if I had only put on my thinking cap and thought about things like yardage and stitch counts before I got started.


  1. Oh, wow, that turned out really pretty even if there was some drama. What's a lace project without a little drama anyway. I find the two just kind of go together. Love your color choices and I'm having designated blocking room envy. I think I may just need to take over another room in the house for this purpose. :-)

  2. I told you that you'd love it in the in! It looks amazing!

  3. OH but it is stunning. WEll worth all your efforts I'd say. You have way more patience than I do..your knitting shows it