Saturday, May 11, 2013


I helped my great grandmother make pot holders about 50 years ago and the whole family has been using them ever since. We love them but they need to be retired. I had the bright idea to make more but it wasn't as easy as I thought-as if anything ever is.

On a trip to AC Moore's, I found these loops and a cheap plastic loom.

Even though they were made by the same company, the loops did not fit the loom. Hmmm...

Disappointed, I put the whole mess out of mind until on a trip to Walmart, I found these beauties.

They remind me of the ones we used to use.

 The only problem now is that I can't keep The Mister away from them. I have made none and he has already made two.

He has even learned how to man the crochet hook for the bind off.

Great Grandma would be proud if not maybe a little confused by all the manly interest in the needle arts we have going on around here.


  1. I remember those! I made several pot holders as a child - and a couple of barbie rugs!
    And I think the manly craftsters are awesome

  2. I LOVE that he does all those needley things! What a great Man. and those potholders have done their share of work through the years

  3. I just made a bunch of those with my little granddaughters here a while back. It sounds like you have a whole house full of down right crafty people and that's pretty cool in my opinion! :)