Tuesday, May 14, 2013

While You Were Sleeping

 I couldn't let all the Lillehammer drama go. I couldn't sleep until I had a head start on fixing the sleeve problem. I decided to cast another one on going top down to see if I could get it to come out right.

It took me until 3 am but I got to a place where I could finally stop and say that I think I had it right.

The next morning I sat there staring at it like I had never seen it before. I couldn't remember exactly what I had figured out. I knew I was working the pattern upside and backwards but I couldn't figure out how to begin again.

Luckily, it was an all day rain so I didn't feel guilty about doing so much couch time. I needed to get this straightened out for my own sanity.

Last night, I had the good sense to do lots of note taking and scribbling on a copy of the pattern but now none of it was making any sense.

It turned out that I had forgotten in which part of the pattern I had placed the markers. I was trying to start in all the wrong places so none of my counts were turning out right. I'm afraid it doesn't take much to confuse me these days.

After getting back on track, with only a few hours of sleep, my foggy brain still couldn't keep track of where I was in the pattern so I made little cheat sheets for every row. It works so well that I am going to keep using my crazy shorthand. It speeds things up a lot and right now speed is everything. I started this thing in August of 2009 and I am getting real tired of fooling with it.


  1. oh just shoot me now if I ever try anything like that~ your brain will never get Alzheimer's with all the challenges you throw it's way!

  2. Until 0300 ..you are amazing. and IM so glad it rained the next day.....

    You really are knitting a masterpiece